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Fresh high school graduates, college kids, and young adults who love Jesus and seek to work, serve, love, pray for, and disciple at the 220 Conference. Whether you're entertaining on stage, running Rec Time, selling snocones, or Merch Shop there is a place for you!

Rec Crew

Hardworking, flexible, energetic leader.

Break down barriers, build bridges all in the name of community while sweating for Jesus with Rec games.

220 Crew Rec
sales crew.jpg

Sales Crew

Engaging, organized people-person.

Help make a memorable summer at the Snack Wagon by selling snocones and snacks, and organizing and running the Merch Shop.

Media/Tech Crew

Creative, technical worshipper.

Help create an environment for people to encounter a Holy God as serving as a camera op, run lyrics for the band, or help as a stagehand.

hype crew3.jpg

Admin Crew

Detail-oriented, servant-hearted leaders. 

Come help assist the 220 Staff with the inventory, running errands, and administrative tasks to help the week run smoothly all while having fun.

Hype Crew

High energy, outgoing creative.

Engage students while in participating in skits, leading stage games, and them hyping up.

hype crew4.jpg

Interested in joining
the 220Crew?


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